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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Inexcusable Failures
of an Idiot Man-Child

"We set out to establish a democracy, but we're slowly realizing we will have some form of Islamic republic."

That's a quote from a (anonymous) US official in this Washington Post article.  Brilliant.  Okay, let's set aside for the moment the fact that the US did NOT set out to establish a democracy in Iraq, rather the invasion was to disarm a dangerous regime that posed an imminent threat to the security of the US and it only became about democracy once the weapons failed to materialize.  The fact that the goal of establishing a democracy is also being scrapped in favor of an Islamic republic should be considered an unacceptable failure to even the most ardent pro-war hawk.

This is what our soldiers are dying for?  To establish a repressive theocracy?  This is what the vacationer-in-chief means when he tells us "freedom is on the march" in Iraq?  The drafting of a constitution bound to Islamic law, that will strip women of their rights and marginalize secular Iraqis?  This is the best we can expect?

Every single prediction made by this administration has been proved wrong.  They were wrong about WMD, they were wrong about how American troops would be perceived by the Iraqi people, they were wrong about how long it would take and how much it would cost, they were wrong when they told us "Mission Accomplished" and they are now being proved wrong about the spread of democracy.

The Iraq war is an abysmal failure.  And it is due entirely to the lies and incompetence of the Bush administration. 

I'm sure there are plenty of you who will say I'm wrong.

Prove it.

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of an Idiot Man-Child


They predicted they would win in 2004 and guess what?

Posted by: steve | Aug 24, 2005 1:22:59 AM

Earth to Steve: Several questions were asked in this post, and you managed to answer a question that wasn't asked, without answering any of the questions that WERE asked. Very good.

Good post. Like you said, every one of Bush's reasons for invading Iraq turned out to be false. But neither Bush/Rove (nor any of their robots in the blogosphere) will admit it.

Posted by: Tom Harper | Aug 24, 2005 1:30:15 AM

Great post Kid!!!

Steve, since you can't read to well here is a visual for you. Don't ever say I did nothing for you!

Posted by: The Bastard | Aug 24, 2005 2:52:05 AM

What do you expect from an arrogant, inept administration? Is there anyone with any sense that does not know that democracy can't be forced; it has to come from within not from without?

The question is what to do now and how to do it.

Oh right... they haven't even begun to work on that yet they are on vacation.

Posted by: cooper | Aug 24, 2005 10:29:11 AM

Earth to Tom Harper: Steve didn't want to answer the questions put forth in this post, (I'm betting) because they are nothing more then OPINIONS that are fabricated. But then again I'm not Steve.

Earth to KidBastard, YOU wrote: "they were wrong when they told us "Mission Accomplished". I'm sick and fucking tired of answering this bullshit anwswer you fuckers always put forth. I should just make the following into a word document so I can ram it down your little shitheads throat everytime instead of having to re-type this every time. I will bet you $10,000 dollars that the words, "Mission Accomplished", were NEVER uttered out of President Bush's mouth. What President Bush did say was, "major military operations in Iraq were over." The banner, "Mission Accomplished", was posted on the bridge of the USS Abraham Lincoln, congradulating the Ship's crew for a job well done for there 9 months at sea which included stints (operations) off of Afgaganistan and Iraq. Get your damn facts straight and STOP the lies.

These are the quotes from a CNN article on October 29,2003:

"The banner signified the successful completion of the ship's deployment," he said, noting the Abraham Lincoln was deployed 290 days, longer than any other nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in history."

White House spokesman Scott McClellan told CNN that in preparing for the speech, Navy officials on the carrier told Bush aides they wanted a "Mission Accomplished" banner, and the White House agreed to create it.

Cmdr. Conrad Chun, a Navy spokesman, defended the president's assertion.

"The banner was a Navy idea, the ship's idea," Chun said.

You lose! Pay up shit face.

As for: The Iraq war is an abysmal failure. And it is due entirely to the lies and incompetence of the Bush administration.

That is an opinion. The way YOU might see it and not as I see it. So sad is how you liberal shits actually root for us to lose.

I've gotta get back to work. I'll take up more of this shit later.

Posted by: TheChosenOne | Aug 24, 2005 10:39:38 AM

Chosen - Jesus Christ, way to lose your mind...

Don't for one minute try and tell me that Bush did not use the banner to try and highlight his agenda. It was paid for my the White House, and it/he was placed specifically so that cameras would get it behind him - the perfect little photo op. Don't tell me they haven't used the marketing technique of putting a message behind Bush in the past.

He said major combat was over. Standing in front of a big sign that says Mission Accomplished. If he didn't want to use it to his advantage, they could have easily respositioned him so cameras wouldn't pick it up.

My god, you just close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, and ignore the obvious, don't you... And then attack people: "You lose! Pay up shit face.", "you liberal shits".

Your mother must be so proud.

Posted by: MoxieGrrrl | Aug 24, 2005 11:17:33 AM

OK take mission accomlished away and what do you have? No really, the "right" can have their fucking "banner" excuses. Now explain declaring "major combat over", whole different story (he didn't get daddy's war, tough break).

What because there is no brigade of tanks b-lining it to Bahgdad major combat is over? Sorry honey, I mean Chosen, major combat had just begun because of the piss poor planning of the fucking chimp in office.

I say we finish it and have the fucking balls to send 500,000 more troops over to clean up the fucking mess. Oh wait there is an election year coming up the poor Iraqi's that love freedom so much will have to fucking wait.

Bullshit dude!!!

Posted by: The Bastard | Aug 24, 2005 11:30:50 AM

Woweee, the hostility. We Liberal shits are not rooting for us to lose....we are actually connected to this thing called reality. In reality we are not winning anything, only losing this conflict and looking like jackasses in the process. Sure we rebuild a school or a hospital from time to time, but hell we are only replacing the crap we blew to shreds. But it increasingly looks as though we aren't having any effect on the insurgency. The attacks keep coming, with no end in sight. Far from being "in its final throes", the insurgency continues to blow up our soldiers, even though we are rounding up Iraqis and placing them in prison. It seems as though the harder we push the harder they push back. We are undermanned and our men that are there are under equipped and under-trained (that is from the fighting men's mouths, although mostly Guard and Reserve units).

Why are we in Iraq? I've been told so many things, that the answer is quite unclear to me.

Posted by: LiberPaul | Aug 24, 2005 11:40:01 AM

Chosen One has taken over Steve's honor of being the official "freedom hater" of the Bring It On! comment boards.

The real reason the ship said "Mission Accomplished" is because the people making the sign got the letters in the wrong order. It was supposed to say "Chimp oil scam. Sons die." You can read the story at www.chosenoneisfuckingbraindead.com.

Posted by: Brad | Aug 24, 2005 12:24:53 PM

No no. Chosen One is absolutely right. I really just hate America. I can't lie anymore. I know how successful the war has been, and how well our troops have been treated. The floral garlands they wear at the annual Liberation Day celebrations are beautiful, and I am soiling that beauty by my unsubstantiated opinions.

I have a problem, I admit it. I am an unrepentant liar. I even went so far as to create fake websites, even hijacking the Fox News site, to post false "proof" that I could link to in my post.

I only hope that America, in all her glorious safety and security at this time of overwhelming prosperity, can one day forgive me.

Posted by: KidBastard | Aug 24, 2005 12:48:23 PM

Kid - you will only be forgiven if you turn Republican. Might as well throw in some mass murders too, since they don't really care about ethics and lying and shit.

Love you, sweetie.

Posted by: MoxieGrrrl | Aug 24, 2005 1:16:56 PM


Can't even admit, "HE, did not say "Mission Accomplished"! How sad! I didn't ask you or anyone here for what YOU think the sign was for. Not even a mention from any of you about what the SHIP (USS Linclon) ACCOMPLISHED. And Moxie, my Mom loved me to death and was DAMN proud of what I've ACCOMPLISHED in my life before her UNEXPECTED death. Don't believe me? Ask TheBastard. We share the same mother who was just as proud of him and his accomplishments. One last thing Moxie, thanks for bringing my mother into the discussion! I'm so glad you care about her and don't want to make it personal.

Bastard, what happened to me when I got personal with you here? I guess it only applies to "righties". Bastard, you have no balls and make me sick!

Bastard, I would expect more from you (shipmate)knowing what it is like spending an extended period of time at sea in a War zone. I guess you have forgotten what is like to stroll through mine infested waters. I'd like to take the time from one shipmate to another and thank you for backing me up. I'm so proud to be a Navy Veteran with a shitmate like you.

Bastard, it has nothing to do with troop levels!

LiberPaul, exactly! The insurgents are coming to us! Wow, what a concept! I don't blame you for being so blind though. I know, you didn't go to war school or have any background in strategy for war. It's o.k., I forgive you.

LiberPaul wrote: "Why are we in Iraq? I've been told so many things, that the answer is quite unclear to me."

Answer: To fight the war on there turf and not ours. Plain and simple. If you want the plan join the Army and go to West Point. To funny because then you wouldn't be able to tell anyone the "Plan".

LiberPaul wrote: "We are undermanned and our men that are there are under equipped and under-trained (that is from the fighting men's mouths, although mostly Guard and Reserve units)."

Funny, I haven't heard that from anyone I've come in contact with here in Minnesota who's been over there. Quite the opposite! And Minnesota has the largest amount of Guard and Reserve units over in Iraq/Afganistan.

Posted by: TheChosenOne | Aug 24, 2005 1:39:41 PM

OK, I'm just listening to Bush's speech and he listed a number of things that the terrorists could not stop us from doing, such as the elections and the implementation of an (Islamic) constitution but he forgot to mention how they stopped us from finding the WMD's.

Am I missing something?

Karl, Karl Rove are you there?

Posted by: The Bastard | Aug 24, 2005 1:40:39 PM

Brad, such a pottie mouth. Sure your mommy isn't going to wash your mouth out with soap.

Posted by: TheChosenOne | Aug 24, 2005 1:45:34 PM

Wooooo slow down doggie, in a war you know fucking damn well that politics don't matter!!!!

It's about the guy next to you and whether he can guard your back so don't blur the lines between active duty and civilian livelyhood!!!

I always have your back bro' and just because Moxie mentioned our mother has nothing to do with our mother. She doesn't know either of us so how could it be personnal?

Lets re-enlist and get each others back, OK? As American brothers lets go fight a war that is not about what we fought for in 90-91.

If I remember correctly we were told what we were going to fight for and that story didn't change.

It's not about us anymore, it's about them, the kids that are over there now. And you better damn have there fucking backs and question everything about the presidency regardless of politics!!!! That's what having each others backs are for!!!!

You're a Veteran now and have a bigger responsibility to the active service men than when you yourself were active duty, why?

Because you have the liberty to ask questions unlike the men over there. They don't have that right and you know it!!!!

So don't talk to me about having someones back!!! I have the backs of 150,000 fucking men and women that can't speak for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: The Bastard | Aug 24, 2005 1:53:57 PM

Chosen One, if I can cut through the rather impressive rage you have going, I am certain Moxie meant no disrespect to your mother, just as I am sure you meant no disrespect to Brad's mother by bringing her into the discussion.

And, so we're clear, I don't want us to lose over there. Losing means more soldiers dying, and I don't want that. I want us to not be there at all. I don't think anything of merit has been accomplished in Iraq, certainly nothing that warrants so much death. And I have seen nothing that changes that view.

And fine, I'll say it, if it's so important to you. Bush never said the exact words, "Mission Accomplished". But he stood in front of a banner that did. If he truly did not believe the banner to be an appropriate statement to be associated with his speech, why did he keep it as his backdrop?

We were told, in the run-up to this war, that Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat to this nation because of his weapons of mass destruction. That was the reason given, not spreading democracy or even "fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here". It was the threat of Saddam Hussein's weapons, and the fallacy of that rationale was was exposed early and often. It was only after they failed to find these weapons that the other reasons have been offered up. But the Iraq war did not prevent the bombings in London, so we're not just fighting them "there", and democracy has yet to more than an empty promise.

Show me a success in Iraq. Show me one thing that has made all the death and pain and misery worth it.

And I have not sworn at you once, so stop swearing at me.

Posted by: KidBastard | Aug 24, 2005 2:08:11 PM

Bastard, I'll walk right on down to the recruiting office with you next month when I'm home! I'll go Navy or Marine Corps whatever you want bro! Don't know if you could handle the Marine Corps though, oh yeah, you gotta get through the Navy once. I'll make sure you make the whole enlistment this time. And doggie, those 150,000 men and women already spoke for themselves when they said, "I do." They don't need jack shit from you or any of your liberal little cronies. They'd rather 'yall just shut the fuck up! They are more man then you'll ever be.

O.K. Bastard, you just made it open field day on everyones Mother. Just fine with me then. Don't tell me what the hell in personal and what's not fag boy.

STEVE, STEVE, where are you? I need help! The American Islamic terrorists here at Bring It On! are getting out of control! STEVE, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Posted by: TheChosenOne | Aug 24, 2005 2:11:44 PM

KidB, Brad brought his mother into the discussion in a post a few weeks ago on a Cindy Shitheean topic.

Yes, I will stop cursing at you. No problem. Ask and you shall recieve.

Just a difference of opinion on why we are in Iraq I guess. I DON'T CARE WHAT WAS TOLD FOR US TO BE OVER THERE. We should have finished the first war when I was over there. It wasn't Bush One that stopped us either. It was the Islamic states that voted against finishing the deed. To take it a step further we should have continued the fight when Saddam tossed out the inspectors the first time. And let me enlighten you on this. France, Germany, Russia and the U.N. let the little fuck head Saddam get away with everything under the sun. Know what that scandle is called? FOOD FOR OIL! Oh, yeah, want to find the real reason behind our non support of those countries check there checking accounts! To much work for you and this blog. Might have to find out the truth.

Posted by: TheChosenOne | Aug 24, 2005 2:22:29 PM

Remind me I forgot what was the topic?

Oh yeah, it was Iraq....stick to the subject please......

Yeah fine we will slug it out when you get home, homo!!!!

Posted by: The Bastard | Aug 24, 2005 2:25:52 PM

Actually, Bush 1 said invading Baghdad would have "incurred incalculable human and political costs... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq." He went on to say, "whose life would be on my hands as the commander-in-chief because I, unilaterally, went beyond the international law, went beyond the stated mission, and said we're going to show our macho? We're going into Baghdad. We're going to be an occupying power — America in an Arab land — with no allies at our side. It would have been disastrous."

I got this off of Wikipedia, but I believe it is a quote from his book. So, it wasn't just the other countries in the region. Bush himself saw what a mess could come of occupying Iraq, and he was right.

But aside from that, you seem to have changed your own argument. Earlier in this thread, you seemed to be advocating the Iraq war as a front in the fight against terrorism. Now, you claim that, for one thing, you don't care about the reasons we were given (which is unsettling, as it suggests you don't require your leaders to be honest about why young men and women are being sent to die), and that it was more about unfinished business from over a decade in the past, rather than any current concerns in the region.

And I do not deny that unscrupulous individuals the world over lined their pockets thanks to the Oil for Food program. And you are probably right. It is likely that was part of the reason behind Russia, France and Germany not supporting the war. I don't think it was the only reason, but I'm willing to admit it likely was a factor. I will even go one further and say that the economic sanctions imposed by the UN in the 1990s hurt ordinary Iraqis more than they hurt Saddam Hussein.

However, the fact remains that bombs and bullets have hurt far more of them much worse. And that American soldiers are giving their lives in service of a series of lies, with no discernable positive outcome. And that more money is being spent on Iraq then on the Homeland Security budget. More money is being spent to occupy a country on the other side of the world than is being spent to improve the security of this country. How does that make us in any way safer?

Posted by: KidBastard | Aug 24, 2005 2:49:46 PM

"Pay up shit face."
"...you liberal shits..."
"Bastard, you have no balls and make me sick!"
"Cindy Shitheean"


"Brad, such a pottie mouth. Sure your mommy isn't going to wash your mouth out with soap."

You think me stating that your mom must be so proud of your foul mouth is getting personal? Then you turn around and throw a similar statement to Brad?

My god, you are so typical a Republican, what with all the hypocrasy. And watching your statements become shrill exercises in speaking in tongues has been quite interesting.

I'm not quite sure what argument you were trying to prove, but you've certainly gone the way of Rush by turning into a Big Talking Head.

Posted by: MoxieGrrrl | Aug 24, 2005 3:23:49 PM

I tend to believe we entered IRAQ to establish a presence and interest in an unstable and hostile region that had already impacted our homeland and threatens our economic well being now and in the future. The location is strategic. Real Timelines and military goals are kept secret. Strategy is not something Governments ought to disclose to their enemies or fellow citizens, especially Liberals. And they had to sell it. Like a car salesman will say almost anything to sell a car. So go ahead and cry and complain. Our enemies see this as weakness. And our Government may be counting on this perception as part of their Strategy.

Posted by: Vince | Aug 24, 2005 3:45:21 PM

Ok its not that hard. . . doesnt matter who is in charge in what type of government, as long as we have access to the oil.

We dont even care who is safe, and who is not, as long, as we have access to that oil.

Our soldiers are dying, go make sure, we have access to that oil.

Want safety, security, relief from terrorists around the world, our soldiers home safe?

Simple answer, use our resources at home, to remove our demand for the oil. It isnt that hard, we are smart, can build things, distribute and install things, cause we are Americans, and that is what we are supposed to be doing. . .

. . instead of supporting administrations of politicians who profit, and will continue to profit, from our "fighting terror overseas". You want to stop terror? Reduce the value of a barrel of oil, down to $20/share by converting every tractor trailer in the US to domestically produced Biodiesel, and the "terrorists" or spoiled kids of RICH oil ministers. . will come running home to momma and daddy wanting more money to build bombs with, but momma and daddy oil minister will be way too busy trying to just pay the rent. . . .and the terrorist, go back to hurding goats. . .

Posted by: Richard Smith | Aug 24, 2005 4:06:17 PM


As I stated earlier...,,,,"you made it open field day on mother's here." According to Bastard I don't know her (your mom or anyone in here's mom) so it's not personal. Just playing by your rules of engagement. And Moxie you have nothing to preach about as far as the "pottie mouth" goes. And thank you for all the kind compliments.


You nailed it right on the head with your whole post!! Right on.

Except one small point. I'm a car salesman, and a very good one at that. I have never said, "just about anything to sell a car". I'm just that damn good at what I do not to have to do something like that. You can sell by telling the truth! It also helps when you love and believe in what you do for a living. If you don't believe me ask TheBastard. He paid my mortgage twice with the two cars I sold him. Always, always make friends and family pay more for a car! Why? If and when something goes wrong well at least you got paid very well for it. Then the bitching and moaning is worth having sold them a car.

Here is one of my goals for the next year. To sell Moxie a car and rip her head off with what she paid for it! Then listening to her here will have been well worth it! lol

Posted by: TheChosenOne | Aug 24, 2005 4:48:54 PM

Chose None, you wrote:
"I will bet you $10,000 dollars that the words, "Mission Accomplished", were NEVER uttered out of President Bush's mouth."

It doesn't matter when the banner is for a photo op and a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Posted by: Dr. Forbush | Aug 24, 2005 5:00:58 PM

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