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Friday, September 23, 2005

Homeland Security Is A Joke

From 1993 to 2001, we didn't have a Homeland Security Department and somehow we seem to have survived. Four years after 9/11, and billions of dollars later can anyone tell me, exactly what the fuck has Homland Security been doing if we can't even evacuate a city when given a week's notice?


I would hate to see what would happen if we were attacked by evildoers and we were given no notice.

I have an idea, how about next year, we start labeling hurricanes with Muslim names. I'm sure that would really get this administration motivated. "Hurricane Akbad-Abbu-Zuari" has a nice ring to it. We can pretend we are being attacked by a slow-moving terrorist.

These hurricanes have done nothing but demonstrate that Homeland Security and George W. Bush are nothing but failures to the American people. Way to go, Shrub!!!!

The Moderate Voice is tracking unfolding developments and has first hand accounts from local bloggers.

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Wait TB; that wasn't a joke? Oh this is a sick country

Posted by: pia | Sep 23, 2005 6:11:07 AM

We didn't have a Department of Education until 1979.

We didn't have a Department of Energy until 1977.

We didn't have FEMA until 1979.

Education has gone south since then. Our dependence on foreign oil and oil in general has gone up since then. FEMA, as you keep pointing out, is a disaster in and of itself and always has been.

So can we get rid of those departments that Jimmy Carter so nicely created for us?

By the way, during the big heatwave in Chicago during Clinton's reign (where hundreds of primarily poor elderly people died), where was FEMA then? Where was the media outrage? Where were YOU?

I know where Clinton was....playing golf.

Posted by: CSC5502D | Sep 23, 2005 1:07:32 PM

Funny you should ask, I was actually in Chicago when that happened bu tif I remember correctly FEMA was not part of a "Homeland Security" because it did not exist.

Bush made this Fatherland security bullshit not me and so far it sucks!!!!!!

Posted by: The Bastard | Sep 23, 2005 1:16:28 PM

Yeah, now if you can only convince Bush to fight the hurricanes over-there so that they don't threaten us over here.

Posted by: James | Sep 23, 2005 8:34:16 PM

Hey, that's a great idea, giving Muslim names to hurricanes. Or the names of famous Democrats (same difference if you're a wingnut). Warning: Hurricane Hillary! Houston would empty out faster than Bush reaching for the whiskey bottle.

Posted by: Tom Harper | Sep 25, 2005 2:37:46 PM

Yeah says Tom Harper the mouthy BITCH who won't let anyone comment on HIS blog. At lease The Bastard has balls.

Posted by: CSC5502D | Sep 25, 2005 10:39:49 PM

CSC5502D: Hey, listen up, Spermbreath, and try to grasp this so I don't have to walk you through it again.

The cowardly bedwetter who kept spamming my site had a gay porn website named after me and using the information from my Blogger Profile. He posted the same comment about 40 times at one of my posts, linking my name to this gay porn site and accompanied with a kinky picture at each comment.

He uses multiple IP addresses; he either has some software that enables someone to change IPs or he knows every internet cafe and every library. Several other bloggers have banned him and he just keeps coming back and back with a different IP. So it wouldn't help to get Haloscan or any other service where you can ban certain IPs.

I'm not gonna have my site or my name slandered with that shit. I used to get lots of comments and I miss all the interaction, and I don't appreciate little smartass remarks about it.

Next time you run off at the mouth about something, find out the situation first, you gristle-munching little puke.

Posted by: Tom Harper | Sep 25, 2005 11:05:33 PM

Yeah, nice try. I work in IT for a living dipshit, and I read your piddly-ass nonsense. There are ways around it, and since lots of other people have found them, maybe you could to? Or is it more like that's a good excuse to not have to deal with criticism?

It's called "I like to shoot off my mouth on other people's sites, but I can't handle anyone talking back."

Walk me through it...lol. I've forgotten more about computers and networking than you obviously have EVER known.

Now go back to watching queer eye for the liberal guy.

Posted by: csc5502d | Sep 26, 2005 12:24:11 AM

csc55o2d is the poster child for mean people suck. He appears to be consumed by anger. this genius explained the dismal turnout at the pro-war rally by saying the pro-war people were simply to busy to show up. he also said the pro-war crowd doesn't like to be disruptive. right, nothing disruptive about this guy.

Posted by: jones | Sep 26, 2005 1:31:12 AM

Goddamn, you're slow. You work in IT, right. Let me guess, you clean the men's room for an IT group (and probably savor every moment of it).

A negative comment vs. someone advertising a gay porn site named after you -- there's a difference, Asshole. Think about it, if that's not too much of a strain.

Picture this: you come back to your computer to check your blog, and you find 40 new comments, each one the same: a gay porn photo and "hi, I'm CSC5502d and I want to suck your ______ and lick your ________" And this was after I turned on Blogger Word Verification and set the comments to No Anonymous Comments.

My first choice would be to push his broken ribs into his ruptured kidney, but since I don't know who it is (other than all his screen names) the next choice seemed to be turning off the comments.

In case you weren't able to read down the left side of my blog without straining your tiny brain, I clearly state that anyone can e-mail me; all viewpoints are welcome. And you don't even have the balls to list your e-mail address at your site, Dickhead.

I turned off my comments a month ago. Since you already read my "piddly-ass nonsense" (cool, we all want traffic), you could read some of the archived posts. I used to get a lot more comments than your Rush Limbaugh wannabe site; and unlike you I don't throw a tantrum when someone disagrees.

Another thing someone needs to walk you through: This site is supposed to be for political discussions, you stupid shit. If all you're gonna do is leave assinine comments that aren't even related to the post, take your pitiful self somewhere else.

Posted by: Tom Harper | Sep 26, 2005 1:46:22 AM

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