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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nixon’s Secret Plan

Contributed by Dr. Forbush

In a discussion that is buried in the basement of the blogs I suggested that politicians lie to get elected. I used the example of Richard Nixon lying about his secret plan to end the Vietnam War. People throughout the US were sick and tired of this war and many of them thought that perhaps this “secret plan” would bring our solders home. As history tells us Richard Nixon won this election and the Vietnam War did not end until April 30, 1975 when the US pulled its troops out of Saigon. The nutty part of this is that one Right Wing supporter of Richard Nixon’s secret plan tells us that the plan worked, because Nixon was president at the end of the Vietnam War. But, history tells us that Nixon actually resigned August 28, 1974, before the end of the war. This means that Gerald Ford was actually president at the end of the war. Most people would think that the discussion would be over here, but some people just won’t give up. Somehow they must find a way to be right even when they are clearly wrong. So, the next nutty thing another guy did was to suggest that the war actually ended when the Paris Peace Accords were signed on January 23, 1973. If this is actually what this guys believes, then all of the solders that died after the Peace Accords were signed didn’t die in the Vietnam War. I don’t know what conflict they died in, but they should have their names removed from the Vietnam Memorial in Washington. I am fairly certain that veterans would not be happy with this idea. So, it comes down to admitting that you are wrong, or living up to the statement that you are making. To what ends are the

right wing nuts willing to go to to prove that they are right? Well, since its thirty years later and we have quite a bit of information that we didn’t have during the 1968 election we certainly know now what Nixon’s secret plan was. This was Nixon’s secret plan:

“Nixon's secret plan, it turned out, was borrowing from a strategic move from Lyndon Johnson's last year in office. The new president continued a process called "Vietnamization", an awful term that implied that Vietnamese were not fighting and dying in the jungles of Southeast Asia. This strategy brought American troops home while increasing the air war over the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV or North Vietnam) and relying more on the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) for ground attacks.”

So, Nixon’s secret plan was to continue using Lyndon Johnson’s strategy of increasing the air war over North Vietnam. I suppose that you should judge for yourself whether this was a lie or not. But, the way that Nixon presented this secret plan made voters think that there was something more than just continuation of the current policy in Vietnam. And, the secret plan did not work. The secret plan was not the Paris Peace accords, those were an after thought. Not only that, but Nixon even lied to Government of the Republic of Vietnam (GVN or South Vietnam) by telling them that they would not abandon them if they signed the Peace accord. This guy couldn’t stop himself from telling lies, but these lies are not the subject of this discussion.

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I never thought of myself as nutty. Well, you're the Doctor.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | Apr 28, 2005 6:11:42 PM


I didn't call you nutty, I called the response nutty. I also left your name out of the post. But, I actually didn't make it clear that you said one thing and Hammer said the other one. Sorry, would you like me to give you credit?

This web site is a place to post nutty things, and I thought this discussion qualified.

Posted by: Dr. Forbush | Apr 28, 2005 6:18:57 PM


Look, maybe raising the fact that the Peace Accords were signed under Nixon's Presidency was irrelevant to our discussion. I admitted that the troops did not complete the pull out until after Nixon resigned. Before that, though, troop strength was being reduced in Vietnam. Troops were being withdrawn...I know because I was A-1 with a 'lottery' number of 3 as I was finishing High School. If you really believe that the Peace Accords had no cause/effect relationship between those facts, well, okay, that's your opinion. I wouldn't agree with it but I wouldn't think it nutty, let alone call it that. I would simply go on to explain why I disagree.

Look, if I don't quite get the point of this web-log yet, that's my bad. I and my thoughts have been called many things...and 'nutty' is one of the milder words applied by those who disagreed with me. It will take a lot more than that to make me crumble.

I am not ashamed of my response. I stand behind it. You can attribute it, if you wish.

My response was not intended as an endorsement of Nixon's policies. I was not a fan of his. That is not to say that he did nothing of note, just that he brought disgrace to the Office in a way that was unknown to modern history.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | Apr 28, 2005 7:09:47 PM

I am arguing that the Peace Accords were not related to Nixon's Secret Plan. He used the idea of his secret plan in the 1968 election, but He didn't start the Peace Accords until his second term.

Posted by: Dr. Forbush | Apr 28, 2005 7:40:26 PM

With that I agree. I guess I didn't make it clear, but I was not defending the plan...indeed I did not know what it was. I was not arguing that the Accords were a direct consequence of that plan...I had no way of knowing one way or another. What I was and am arguing is that the end of the war, as you defined it: the withdrawal of the last troops, was a direct consequence of those Accords. The fact that hostilities did not immediately end is not irrelevant but the end of that particular war was a process--a process that began during Nixon's Presidency and ended during Ford's.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | Apr 28, 2005 7:53:34 PM

Okay. If what you say is true, that the plan was actually Johnson's, then I am wrong. then the Accords caused neither the withdrawal process nor the ultimate end of the war as you define it. I suspect, though that the Accords were not irrelevant to ending the war. I concede that I could be wrong.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | Apr 28, 2005 8:05:20 PM

I have a question.

What party started Vietnam? When did Vietnam start? What President was in office at the time Vietnam started? What party had a President in office for the longest period of time during Vietnam? What party controlled the Senate and Congress for the longest period of time during Vietnam?

Oh, thats right it was the Democrats.

Oh, let's blame the whole Fucking War on Richard Nixon.

Posted by: TheChosenOne | May 2, 2005 12:19:50 AM

Mr. Chosen One,

The point of the reference to Nixon's Secret Plan had nothing to do with who got us into or out of the Vietnam War. It had to do with the lying that Nixon did to get re-elected. Nixon knew that the country was turning against the war, so he promissed the people that he would end the war with a secret plan.

I didn't say anything about a "fucking war." In fact I don't even know what a "fucking war" is. I assume that it's some kind of gay thing that you are more familiar with than I am.

Posted by: Dr. Forbush | May 2, 2005 2:31:13 PM


I imagine that a "fucking war" would be a lot more fun than a regular war.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | May 2, 2005 4:16:27 PM

What exactly is a "regular" war? Is it the opposite of an "irregular" war? Was WWI and WWII regular wars because it not only happened once but twice? I guess that would make the Iraq War a "regular" war because it has happened twice. But than if you follow that logic the Vietnam War would be an "irregular" war. But definitely not a "fucking" war because that sounds more like something you would pay for and walk away smiling. No losers in that type of war. Unless, I guess, you're an unwilling participant in the "fucking" war. WOW, so many places to take this and not enough time!

Posted by: The Bastard | May 2, 2005 4:45:56 PM

Bastard, "...something you would pay for..." well, one should at least spring for dinner and a show.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | May 2, 2005 5:12:31 PM

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