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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Sailorinthedesert wrote this about a Gallup poll found that said 69% Americans oppose the Democratic fillibuster,

We have all seen one poll or another in the MSM, saying the American people support the dem/leftist position on filibustering judicial nominees. Many claim that it is how the question is framed that showed the results the left leaning MSM wanted. Of course, the MSM, or any organization, that wants a specific answer to a poll, will try and get that answer by framing the question to lead the poll taker in that direction. Now, NewsMax, is reporting the results of a Gallup poll that shows 69% of Americans favor an up or down vote on judicial  nominees.


Here is the poll from May 9th saying that a majority favor the filibuster Gallup poll

The heated debate over the filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate is a low-salience issue to the American public, almost two-thirds of whom say they are not following it closely. When the situation is explained to Americans, the majority appear to favor keeping the rule in place. A plurality also favors the Democratic approach over the Republican approach to the issue. Americans following the filibuster situation closely are more likely to favor keeping it in place than are those who are not following it as closely. Republicans and those who attend church most frequently are more likely to oppose the filibuster rule than are independents, Democrats, and those who do not attend church as frequently. One unanticipated correlate of the rancorous debate appears to be a drop in Congress' job approval, now at its lowest level since 1997.

Besides the fact that polls are notoriously untrustworthy because of  a. How the questions are worded   b. who interprets the data  c. how the data is interpreted

So what does the first poll really ask?

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Well lets mention a few other things about Sailor's post. First, the poll that I believe NewsMax is referring to is this:

A substantial majority of Americans are paying little attention to the debate over the Senate's filibuster rule, according to the latest CNN/ USA Today/Gallup survey. After being informed about the issue, 48% of respondents say they favor the Democrats' side and 40% favor the Republicans' side. However, when the question is posed differently, 35% of respondents favor the position that Republicans are arguing for, while 19% favor the position that Democrats prefer. Clear majorities of respondents say the Republicans and, separately, the Democrats are acting like "spoiled children" rather than "responsible adults." However, a majority believes that at least one party is acting responsibly.

The poll was actually about if you worded polls differently you get different results, except NewsMax and Sailor decided to only take part of the poll and report it as fact that the filibuster was supported by the majority of Americans. This just is not true because that is not why the poll was conducted. And as Sally stated in the post Gallup ran a poll earlier in the month that showed that a majority of Americans did not support getting rid of the filibuster.

So again you have a perfect instance of the radical right shaping information to fit their agenda. Nice try guys but wrong!

Oh, and Sailor, next time try linking things up so that people don't have to do their own searching for the source. Not linking makes it look like your hiding something, hmmmmmmm!

Posted by: The Bastard | May 26, 2005 5:44:11 PM

Well, thanks, I think, for the TrackBack. Except you didn't link to me. You see where it says "If you have an interesting post that you'd like to share, please leave a TrackBack to that post, and please link to this post so that others can enjoy the fun" at the bottom of the post on my blog? Well, that "please link to this post" is sort of, like, critical. And since you didn't, I removed the TrackBack.

If it was an oversight, believe me, I know it happens. Just resubmit the TrackBack after including a link.


Posted by: basil | May 26, 2005 5:49:54 PM

Basil, that is your only bone on contention? I am truly sorry I did not do the trackback right the first time...it was an honest mistake.

What is your position about this poll and it's source? Or, are you only interested in trackbacks?

Posted by: sally | May 26, 2005 7:19:41 PM

Are you perfect Basil? Oversight's and mistakes happen all the time.

What do you feel about this poll? I believe that almost two thirds equal almost 66%, but I have very little faith in polls.

Look at ours for one great example.

Posted by: pia | May 26, 2005 7:44:52 PM

I really don't care about the Gallup poll. But, I thought others might care about it. And care about the comments Sailor In The Desert had. Since you wrote a post about it, I assume you cared.

I am glad for someone to find your post via the TrackBack, but I would like the favor of a link back. You said the omission was an honest mistake and that's fine. Like I said, it happens.

Thanks for adding the link to my blog. I do appreciate it. And there is a trackback to your post from my blog.

I never claimed to be perfect. But if I TrackBack to a post on your blog and fail to link to you, it would be an honest oversight (as Sally said) and I would expect to be notified.

Prior to leaving a comment here, I looked for an e-mail address for Sally to contact her privately. I did not find one. Perhaps I did a bad job of looking for her address. Failing to find one, I removed the TrackBack, only to have another appear within a matter of minutes. That's when I removed the second one and left the message here.

If you have a suggestion on a better way of my handling these situations, I'm all ears. I'm always looking to improve.

Posted by: basil | May 26, 2005 10:31:46 PM

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