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Monday, May 16, 2005

Terri Is Nothing But A Memory

It's been almost two months since Terri passed away, a sad and tragic event as you all know that polarized most of this nation into making hard decisions about personal freedoms, separation of church and state, the reach of the federal government and how much power should our judicial system have in regards to making decisions.

Well, if you surf blogs like I do, you probably remember hitting sites that had  "Terri Schiavo" plastered all over them. So much stuff that they looked more like shrines to Terri than they did personal Web sites. It's seemed as if every other post was about Terri.

Some that come to mind are here, here, here and here . As I recall one of these sites even blogged through a hunger strike for Terri. They called anybody opposing their views every derogatory, vicious and hateful name they could think of - from anti-American, to Communists even calling those of us who wanted to respect the judicial system and personal privacy Murders.. They called us everything you could imagine and vowed that anyone with opposing views would burn in the fiery depths of hell

Instead of accepting and respecting the final wishes that Terri expressed to her husband they politicized her tragic situation and used it for their own personal agendas. Whether it be the destruction of "activist judges" or the advancement of their faith into the public domain they flat out used Terri Schiavo for their own political needs.

Why do I say this? Well, I went surfing down the "Blogs for Terri" list to see what had become of these sites and what new political agendas were on their radar. And to my surprise I found very few sites that had even one mention of Terri anywhere on their site. From dozens of Terri references and Terri bling all over their sites to nothing! One site in particular spewed hatred of the opposition left and right, she crowned herself the queen of the Terri movement in the blogosphere and grabbed at any chance to link Terri to every radical right-wing political agenda that she possibly could. Discounting link lists on her Weblog, she has no mention of Terri, not one mention on her front page. Nope, she has moved on, leaving Terri in her political wake, leaving Terri to be nothing but a memory. Here's the Blogs for Terri list if you would like to stroll down memory lane (I know some on this list joined Blogs for Terri to show their honest support for what they believe but they should be warned, there are wolves among the sheep).

A Black and White World
A Certain Slant of Light
A Mom And Her Blog
A Place to Grow
A Song of November
Adjutorium Nostrum + In Nomine Domini
After Abortion
Against The Grain
Alexandra's Constitutionalist Corner
American Daughter Med.Ctr
American Warmonger
An Aid To Memory
Anchor Rising
Ancient and Future Catholic Musings
Ankle Biting Pundits
Apologies Demanded
Army of God
Attempted Murder
Balance Sheet
Barbarians at the Gate
Basils Blog
Bates Line
Becki Snow
Believer Blog
Ben's World
Between Two Worlds
Birth Story
Black Lace Mittens
Blind Mind's Eye
Blog Talker
blogma | dogma for the idle brain
Broken Masterpieces
Brutally Honest
Caits Oz Blogs
Caos blog
Cat House Chat
Catholic Apologetics
Catholic Fire
Catholics for Democracy
Catholics in the Public Square
chatity reVisited
Chesapeake Cove
Christianity and Middle-Earth
Church of the Acronym
Civilization Calls
Collecting My Thoughts
Come On, Get Lively
Confessions of a Cooperator
Conservative Friends
Contemplating the Laundry
Cosmic X
Cranky Neocon
Crystal Clear
Curiouser and Curiouser
Daisy Cutter
David Allen
Dawn Eden
De Fidei Oboedientia
Dean's Journal
Dean's World
Diary of a Suburban Priest
Different River
Digital Brown Pajamas
Discarded Lies
Dogwood Blue
Doubleshot Thoughts
Eclectic Escapades
Endlessly Rocking
Evangelical Underground
Ever New
Every Day Thoughts Collected
Evil Conservative Blog
Exultate Justi
Eye on the world
Fast for Terri
Fides Spes Caritas
Fifth Column: Struggle Against Silence
Florida Cracker
Freedom Eden
Getting Elected Blogline
Global Rumblings
GM's Corner
God & Politics
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GOP Christian
GOP Insight
Gordon Watts
Guns and Glory
Hannah's Vow
Happy Catholic
HCS's Pad
Heart Mind and Strength
Heart of Canada
Hennessy?s View
Hermes Bound
Hi! I'm Gordon Zaft, why?
Hi. How YOU doin'?
Hidden Nook
Hill Country Views
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Home, Throne and Altar
House of the Dog
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Questions and Answers Blog
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Rebecca's Rispostas
Recta Ratio
Red Guy in a Blue State
Relapsed Catholic
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Save Terri
Saying No to the Culture of Death
Scamfighters Tips
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SecretAgentMan's Dossier
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Straight Up With Sherri
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Terri Schiavo My Journal
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» Another Two to Three Weeks from Heart of Canada
The medical examiner performing the autopsy on Terri Schindler-Schiavo requires two or three more weeks before he will release his findings. He didn't allow any observers in during the autopsy, and he's not talking about the case while he's still [Read More]

Tracked on May 16, 2005 11:51:06 AM


Uhm, two things.

First: don't generalize about all of us, please. I never called people who disagreed with me on Terri any of those names, and neither did many other people I know who took the side of Terri's parents and didn't believe Michael's claims.

Second: Why would I be expected to continue to write about Terri? You guys got your wish--she's dead. What more do I need to say about it? Should I post something on a daily basis bewailing the fact that she's still dead? "This just in: Terri Schiavo still dead!"

Posted by: Dean Esmay | May 16, 2005 1:16:43 AM

Exactly! I said in my post most people took up the fight because of something they believed in. You are sheep among wolves that would rather use this situation for their own political goals (i.e. Cao's blog) that called everyone every name in the book, took the fight to the next level and then just left.

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 1:20:59 AM

If you are one of the very few people in the "Save Terri" fight who sincerely believed it was her wish to be kept alive indefinitely and voiced your opinion, we feel bad that this issue which was important for you was distorted into a politicized circus. The vast majority of the blogs out there championing the "Save Terri" fight were doing it for less than sincere reasons. Glad to hear you are not one those blogs...

Posted by: sally | May 16, 2005 1:37:48 AM

I "took up the fight" because I'm pro-life across the board. Anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, anti-euthanasia. I don't consider myself to be a sheep among wolves although I admit that some were more rabid about Terri's cause than I.

Blogs, especially political blogs, are topical in nature. We generally cover what's in the news. I've revisited Terri's story a few times because of similar stories being covered in the media.

My blog is not a shrine to one person. I even changed the name of the Blogs For Terri blogroll to Bloggers For Life because I feel we should be focused on a central position not just one person. I haven't left the fight I've just changed focus.

You stated in another post "One of the greatest draws of blogging, it seems to me, is the opportunity to publish one’s own views on whatever it is that pushes one’s buttons . . ." Obviously not just one thing, or person, pushes my buttons.

I reserve the right to post on whatever interests me and to return to the topic of Terri Schiavo when I like.

Posted by: Janette | May 16, 2005 1:51:37 AM


Exactly what you just said! I stated that there were certain sites that used this situation as political gain. They are the one sthat need to be exposed. I fully agree with your right to disagree, that is no the point, the point is that the radical right used this horrible situation to advance their warped cause.

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 1:59:55 AM

As you can see by my "front page" (thanks for the trackback) and will continue to find over the coming weeks...and for as long as necessary...It is far from being over in my little corner of the blogosphere. The only "political" need I have in this case is for the truth and justice. Nope, I am completely sincere and genuine in my commitment to continue pursuing both. I don't recall calling anyone who disagreed with me names...I do remember terrible hatred coming towards me for speaking up where I saw a crime going on and being lumped in with the crazies such as Randall Terry...In all truth, I feel very sorry for people who don't "get" the real implications of murdering Terri...and the inherent value of her life. Very sorry indeed...

Posted by: Crystal Clear | May 16, 2005 2:08:31 AM


There is no doubt that people like yourself took this fight in your world serious, I just find it funny that the people that took it to the extreme have dropped the bal land moved on. I know if I believed in something so strongly as some of these sites did I wouldn't was my site clean of everything. It makes you wonder when that happens?

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 2:14:05 AM

It's almost like they moved on to their new pet projects...

Posted by: sally | May 16, 2005 2:15:57 AM

Yeah...I took down my terri stuff yesterday...the fights is over...the people that don't understand the implications of Terri's death won.

What more is there to say?

Oh, except you won a seat TB...Good job.


Don't let 'em down.

Thanks for the link too.

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 2:18:37 AM

No pronlem Kender just trying to expose you nuts for what you are. It wasn't a fight to you all just a reason to spew your hatred, Terri meant nothing to you except a link.

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 2:25:05 AM

Yeah...it's amazing how you guys can see in my head and heart and tell me what is in it....it was all for the links....that's why I joined fast for terri and fasted for three days until I almost passed out huh?

That is why terri being killed was such a catalyzing moment for me and made me realize how pathetically insane most on the left are, and how utterly dangerous the "right to die" groups are....you should really try to make money with that gift you have...seeing into peoples minds, hearts and motives through a computer screen should at least get you on Letterman.....you know, Stupid Almost Human Tricks?

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 2:32:59 AM

Kender, Yeah it's almost as good a trick as a doctor named Bill Frist trying to diagnose someone from a video tape! Get a grip, you gave up because Frist and DeLay gave up, the president gave up because they realized the rest of the country did not belive in your views.

But again it was political, come on, admit it!

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 2:39:16 AM

It wasn't political for me, nor for anyone else.

How you guys can see political conspiracies behind everything is beyond me...really I cannot grasp such a convoluted way of thinking....it isn't even complex thinking that you folks on the other side of the street engage in....it is honestly incomprehensible that your minds could work so simply and with so little compassion.

This was political for the other side if it was political at all.....it was the left screaming about how evil Bush was for trying to save a life....

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 2:52:34 AM

That should read anyone I know.

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 2:53:20 AM


Exactly! You said "Bush was for trying to save a life"

A life, I didn't see him flying back to help 350,000 lives in Dafur?????

I didn't see yourself starvinf yourself for 350,000 lives in Darfur?????

A life?????

As long as it fits your political realm "a life" is great to save.

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 3:03:56 AM


It would figure that you are more concerned with overseas than at home.

You have fallen for that "the world hates us we must change that" mindset and concern yourself more with what happens in corrupt third world hell-holes than the evil being brought to bear on us right here at home.

S'ok tho'....I can actually laugh.

Everyday the left loses more and more hope, everyday the democrats wlak blindingly down the road to socialism in lockstep with the EU and the dead end thye have travelled....and everyday is one day closer to the downfall of the left.

Keep suckin up those globalist fumes....eventually they may be fatal.

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 3:09:44 AM

Again, I rest my case, the whole "Terri" incident was politically motivated. Kender thinks that one life is more important that 350,000 lives! AND that we can only concentrate on one good fight at a time.

And he accuses the left of smelling fumes. Of what I have no idea? But I do know this, 2,000 soldiers have been injured of killed doing what? While 350,000 people have been slaughtered while our soldiers die protecting personal (Haliburton, Bush, House of Saad) interests.

Again, where did Terri fit into all of this?

Nowhere! Is the answer.

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 3:17:43 AM

You seem to be keeping a pretty close eye on the 'Terri' blogs. Answer me this...how many of them blogs you have listed here are lefty/liberal blogs? Where is your blog up there? Are you singling out the blogs you have a hardon for or are you being non-partisan?

You really seem to have a problem with people that value life. Particularly those that try to protect the weak and vulnerable and the innocent unborn ( the ones the left seem to target and find the easiest to kill).

You people seem to prefer to hold candlelight vigils for those that have raped and murdered our mothers, sisters,wives, daughters and children.
The very ones we have given fair trials to and convicted and sentenced to die (Due process). You badmouth our government and give aid and comfort to those that are trying to bring this country down.

Yet you find time to critisize those that were doing something, rather than flit around the blogs, nitpicking what everyone else was attempting to accomplish.

You got your work cut out for you!

Posted by: loboinok | May 16, 2005 3:21:32 AM

I didn't say that 350 K+ lives were worth less than one life. I said that being concerned with your own house first is the smart thing to do.

And if you don't understand the strategy of US foreign policy that has been carried out in almost exactly the same way for over two hundred years then you are beyond the help of the best education in comprehension.

And one good fight at a time?

We are concentrating on one good fight. The fight against terrorism and those that would see us destroyed.

But again, you lack basic comprehension skills.

Why don't you call up sally and pia to sooth your uncomprehending little brain TB?

Maybe they can blow some fresh smoke up your ass and make you feel better.

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 3:23:34 AM


I've come to like you. I don't always agree with you, but I'll buy you a beer anytime. I must agree with whoever said above what a wonderful gift it must be to see into the mind of people you've never met to see the motives and intentions behind their words. (Ahem!) Can you say, "projection"? I knew you could.

The people whom you disparage did not believe her husband's years-later recollection that Terri had told him that, if she was ever helpless and he had shacked up with several other women serially and began having another family and life, he was to be sure to starve and dehydrate her to death. They did believe the nurse who said that, early on, Michael had told her that he had no idea what Terri would want regarding her end of life wishes. They searched the constitution and somehow missed the part where it states, quite clearly, that a husband has the right to have his wife put to death after he has been awarded a rather large settlement concerning his wife and, dammit, it was time to move on, but only if she was helpless and unable to confirm her husband's self-serving statement. They believed that such a thing, in America, is an outrage.

And they stopped because, well, what the hell was the point of trying to stop Michael from putting Terri to death after he had put her to death? I mean, really, Bastard...talk about getting a grip. What did you expect? They quit precisely because it was NOT just about advancing a political agenda...it was about keeping what they believed to be an injustice from being done. Well, it was done. We all cried in our beer, or whatever our favorite beverage of solace might be and did what Michael did...got on with our lives...found some other outrage to fume about...well, kind of like you.

It just seems to me to be a little, um, wrong-thinking to think that people who genuinely hoped to prevent an injustice should, months later, still be building 'shrines' to Terri and damning Liberals...just because you think they should be.

Posted by: Craig R. Harmon | May 16, 2005 3:34:17 AM


Who did I single out? I just posted the entire "Terri For Blogs" list. There might be conservative sites on there but I stated that some of them might be authenticly representing their cause, unlike, certain sites that just picked up the banner, dropped it and moved on.

Don't change the subject, Terri was a politically charged lighting bolt for the radical right to cast upon "non-believers"


Your wit amuses me, did you get your response off of Whitehouse.org? Think for yourself man, you might even start to enjoy life! You didn't answer my question, well maybe you did, was Terri's whole fight politically motivated?

I'll answer, of course it was because you keep trying to change the subject!

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 3:35:34 AM

Ouch....I heard that from way out here TB.....you may want to put some ice on that.

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 3:36:02 AM

And no it wasn't political....why do you not grasp that?

Posted by: Kender | May 16, 2005 3:36:59 AM

Ummm, again, was the situation politically motivated? If you truely believe your convictions than why erase "everything" from your site?

Craig, I love you to but you are wrong, his large settlement went to take care of her, look at the court records. This argument has been hashed out for months I'm not going to argue it again. My post was about people using her for their own political agenda's. Yes or no? Ecspecially one site in general was guilty of it.

Posted by: The Bastard | May 16, 2005 3:43:46 AM

The main reason the Far Right bloggers have dropped Terri Schiavo is, now they have a new hot-button issue to get all frothed up over. Newsweek has single-handedly caused riots all across the Moslem world with that America-hating article about prison abuses at Guantanamo.

The Great Leader of the Rightwing Bloggers has sent out the memo, and hundreds of obedient bloggers are falling in line like good little soldiers. I just posted about this about a half hour ago. I showed links to a few of the Far Right bloggers, but if you've been surfing through BE in the last few days, you know who I mean. On with the next Great Cause. Forward, March!

Posted by: Tom Harper | May 16, 2005 3:44:30 AM

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