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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Christian Right makes a mockery out of Katrina

I'm wiped; totally exhausted; the last thing I want to do is blog, yet I can't stop.

The past two weeks have been horrific, and beyond my comprehension.  I don't watch TV news because I can't look at the images; I am continually reading, and each article sets me off.  I have been both angrier and teary in the past two weeks than I ever have before.  God do I hate being weepy.

On Sunday 9/11, a sacred day in my city, I began to feel better. I realized that I didn't have to desert my life to volunteer in a resettlement center, I really could help effect change by blogging. 

Friends were visiting.  They have a condo in Atlanta and a summer house in Myrtle Beach.  They're giving the house to a family with animals;  and sharing the condo with a family with animals.  They requested a family that was in a resettlement area in Utah as they can't imagine people from New Orleans living among Mormons.

I began thinking about the Radical Right and how silent they were as they planned their spin.  This morning I read an article in The New York Times:

"WAS Katrina a man-made storm for profits?" asked Michael Shore, a contributor at the Web site Rense.com, a few days after the hurricane had all but obliterated New Orleans and its environs. "Just about every human being is totally unaware that technology exists now whereby weather can be used as a weapon of mass destruction." t's all part of a "hideous agenda," Mr. Shore wrote, to gain "total control of planet Earth."

Yes we do control the weather.  And I do mean the religious group that I identify culturally with.

But in the online post-Katrina theorizing, much darker musings have also emerged. Radical Christian Web sites are celebrating the fire-and-brimstone clobbering of a promiscuous city; anti-abortion groups have mounted spam campaigns that count the clinics now under water; and neo-Nazis have raised virtual fists, having somehow spotted Jews behind Katrina's 150 m.p.h. winds.

Anti-Semitic groups, for whom Katrina provided evidence that, among other things, "Israel plans to use the port of New Orleans in order to ship in weapons of mass destruction to use against American citizens" as one member at Aryan-Nations.org put it.

Damn they found out.  I lied, last week, when we said that we didn't have horns.  They're retractable.  And yeah sure, every American Jew puts Israel ahead of the USA and supports WMDs to be used against American citizens.  If my parents and I were all born in New York, that means I'm not an American citizen?  But my passport...

Apparently while Jews controlled the weather, Gays were being punished. 

For others, the storm was simply a divine gay-bashing, with numerous Web sites noting that Katrina landed just two days before the start of Southern Decadence 2005, the annual New Orleans celebration known informally as the Gay Mardi Gras.

"Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening," wrote Michael Marcavage at RepentAmerica.com, the Web site for the organization in Philadelphia that he directs, "this act of God destroyed a wicked city."

If that's not sickening enough we can always blame abortion.  And listen to the reasoning.  Makes perfect sense; very fact based.

Mr. Marcavage also noted that "Louisiana had a total of 10 abortion clinics, with half of them operating in New Orleans" - his implication being similar to one made by the group Columbia Christians for Life, which sent out mass e-mail messages comparing the tadpole swirl of clouds in satellite images of Katrina to the chin-tucked profile of a 6-week-old fetus.

Will you be pleased to know that some money is only being raised to help White victims?  New Orleans has many mixed-race residents; my god it and the bayous are famous for Cajuns and Creoles; my boyfriend Zachary grew up in one of the very affected areas.  Alway wanted him to be Cajun, but he was Jewish like me.

"Any cash, checks, money orders or goods sent to help with the Kinsmen Rescue Project must be considered gifts, with no strings attached on how the funds are spent," advised the proprietors of WhiteRevolution.com. "If you choose to give, you'll have to rely on our honor as Aryans that the funds are being spent to help our kinfolk in distress."

Don't you love that last sentence?  HONOR AS ARYANS; it's enough to reenergize me.  If bloggers have the power to print such nonsense and have it believed in more circles than I would like to think; I, as a blogger, have the power to refute it.

Though how can anybody refute the above?  It's so half baked it's funny.  But if you had told me a decade ago, a great president would be impeached because he lied about a blow job I would have laughed.  I wouldn't have believed that the 2000 election would be handed to Bush by five Supreme Court Justices nor would I have believed that Bush was sitting on intelligence reports prior to 9/11; the Downing Street Memo and the supporting documentation.  Nor would I have believed that a 9/11 or Katerina could happen.

Several years ago I would have laughed at the above article. I can't anymore.  I know our government allows sentiments like the above to flourish.  Don't give me the diverse cabinet bull.  Condi Rice is a 70 year old White male in a Black woman's body .

With each passing day I believe more and more strongly that the only option is to impeach Bush, and somehow get rid of Cheney and the entire cabinet. 

Blogging is becoming increasingly important; each day more people read us.  We can be on the inside of events before mainstream journalists many times.  As bloggers we're passionate about our work; we have to be as nobody is paying us.  We can be as opinionated as we want to be for the same reason.  Sometimes I think we should be reigned in.

But for the first time we have a truly free press. As long as inflamatory speech isn't invoked, people can say what they want to.  And I and many others can watch the above groups, and many others, see if  their power bases grow or lessen, and speak out when necessary

I write on my personal blog seven days aweek because people actually read it.  Seven days and I'm my own proofreader, fact checker, every type of editor and publisher, and that's not even the beginning of the blogging game which I am just learning.  My learning curve is slow.

I have somehow blogged my way into a position where I infuence other peoples thinking.  Maybe three people, but still...

It's an ego trip.  And it's a responsiblity.  That's why when I say IMPEACH BUSH, I say it with every bit of blood in my body. Winning The House in 2006 is no longer enough..

Bring it on! and some of us, in our personal blogs, have joined The Coalition to Impeach Bush  It's a big deal for me to use my blog as a vehicle to help impeach Bush as I have delusions of literary writing.  Many of my readers disdain politics.

While I can't afford to lose them; it's my country that I really don't want to lose.  Love the name of Tom Harper's blog, Who highjacked my country?  It's too true.

As bloggers we can help reclaim this country.  We're rapidly growing in both number and influence; we can explain how Bush is guilty of many impeachable offenses.

And those blogs quoted above?  People listen to them.  It is every decent blogger's responsiblity to make them much less read.

We can't control the weather but we can control the spread of anti-Semitism, racism, gay bashing, anti-abortion nuts and every other kind right wing nut thinking. 

We can multi task; we can help IMPEACH BUSH at the same time.

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The funny thing about this post was that I was listening to "Stairway to Heaven" on my iPod as I was reading it. It angrier and angrier like the song towards the end. I thought that you had actually became Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at the same time. I was reading it slow because it really grooved to the song. I mean, that first IMPEACH BUSH part, I swear to God, it was like "And as we wind on down the road..."

Off to watch my Alice in Wonderland linked to Pink Floyd's The Wall DVD now...

In a strange way pia, I found that post brilliant though I agreed with none of it.
You should keep up the literary side because this political fad will blow over in 2008...

Posted by: steve | Sep 12, 2005 11:31:11 PM

Hi Pia--Are you saying that anti-Semitism, racism, gay bashing and anti-abortion are all a product of right-wing thought? Is this true? I never thought of this, I will have to look into it.

So is it also true that Political Correctness is a product of left-wing thinking? If this is true, I noticed you listed "anti-Semitism" first. This could be taken as discriminatory--to let you know--unless you used some kind of random generator to establish the order...

Posted by: Vince | Sep 13, 2005 12:36:11 AM

Does spelling count? … If I had a nickel. Its OK spelling and abstract thinking don’t take place in the same area of the brain -I think. I kind of think Einstein probably didn’t spell very well either, they all say he couldn’t do math for shit for that matter. But he could certainly reason physics and do just enough Algebra to have change the world.

Only a fool would believe in a weather machine. If we had them we wouldn’t need to go to war to decimate civilian populations by changing their environment to one where it rains iron. We could simply turn on the weather ray and bang out an instant Tsunami or typhoon to kill people and walk away with out the blame.

Or we could take that same weather ray and make it rain in the Sahara, rain until it was completely reshaped again into the grainery of an empire, or we could use this weather ray to drive windmills and solve our energy problems since it can apparently generate 145 MPH winds for five hours at a time. It just goes to show how stupid people REALLY are.

Let me get this straight …some honky gets the thought of a weather ray in his head and what’s the first thinks of? Having the Jews kill all the poor black people in N.O. so that they can take over the world. Yeah that’s an original thought.

Posted by: Billion Year Old Carbon | Sep 13, 2005 2:18:13 AM

Ah, one last sublte point on that let me get this straight: So they used the weather ray to demolish three states and a city so that they could bring in WMD through the Port? You know just checking because having power over the weather just isn't WMD enough I guess?

Posted by: Billion Year Old Carbon | Sep 13, 2005 2:41:35 AM

Does spelling count?

That's funny!!!!

It's a fucking blog dip shit!

At least she didn't call it "Corrina" like the first lady did!

Posted by: The Bastard | Sep 13, 2005 5:28:42 AM

Thanks Bastard,BYOC, for the save.

You all got me; I can't spell. And I put no time, effort or research into my posts.

Actually the spelling part is true; when I'm exhausted, I lose that ability. I use a spell check. Kill me I spelled Katerina wrong; and I'm so glad I can provide amusement value.

It's been an exhausting couple of weeks. I had written about having to keep up my personal blog even when on vacation or under much stress because it is read. But I took it out because it didn't quite belong.

I also took out the part about how I am my own researcher, fact checker, proofreader, every type of editor, and publisher. And that blogging can become a full time job aside from other jobs.

If you read mainstream newspapers on a daily or even weekly basis, you can see how many corrections "better" newspapers put in.

Though they never put in spelling or grammar corrections, just factual corrections about the article. ocassionally

For some reason I do influence people's thinking. Maybe three, but still...

So I feel a big responsibilty to make sure that my facts are straight.

Vince if you read the article I took this from you will notice that they began with anti-Semitism.

I took each prejudice in the order it was written in the article. Get that? The order it was written.

Because I didn't copy the article verbatim, just the quotes, and there were several quotes about anti-Semitism, I did put in the second quote so that it wasn't in the order that it was in the article, but made sense for my post. I didn't want to go back and discuss anti-Semitism again; god you might all think I gave it double the attention.

I am the least politically correct person I know, but again the order was taken from the article. Just repeating that because I know how difficult it is for some people to understand concepts.

Racism, Gay rights and the right for a woman to procure an abortion are as important to me as anit-Semitism.

While I wish I could take credit for making up the theories expounded in this post about the cause of Katerina because I would then have a great imagination, and could write sci-fi, I didn't make them up.

Just wrote about an article that reported them.

Steve, I am so glad I can amuse you. Thanks for the literary compliment.

How much time do you put into your blog when you seem to spend all your spare time making as much fun as you can about anybody and everything on Bring it on!?

Yes I believe that an administration that spends much time pandering to the radical Christian right while its racist undertones have been so out in the open, and have really been on display in the last few weeks, should come into play in the impeachment.

I believe that people who hate Gays are sinners as are people who use inflamatory speech against any group.

I stated in the post that these groups represent a radical fringe, but they represent views that Bush and company are allowing to brew.

Let's get real. Allowing hatred to brew is a much bigger crime than lying about a blow job.

I learned long ago not to be personally offended by anything that the radical right has to say.

It seems to me that you all live to offend and to criticise anything that you don't believe or don't see for yourself as a problem.

I would also like to thank you all for showing how stupid your criticisms of my post are.

If you have anything more to criticise feel free to, but read the article that it's linked to first.

This entire comment was a lie. I did put in anti-Semitism first because I am Jewish and only care about Jews.

I'm really part of the sinister cabal of Jews and a spy for Israel who has helped changed the weather so that it could be used as wmd's against me and everybody that I love and care about.

Again thank you all for helping me prove my point

Posted by: pia | Sep 13, 2005 6:58:10 AM

pia... I can type fast and I am a multi-tasker and having ADD helps. What were we talking about?

Posted by: steve | Sep 13, 2005 9:49:35 AM

"Bring it On" will sell in millions on T-Shirts, Face-Caps,etc.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he swims or sinks with her.

I am in love with America.
That was why I actually bought one dollar two years ago and gave it as my offering in Church. Because, I wanted to give God the currency of the world. And today I am worth so much in dollars.
Thank you America.

If America falls, the rest of the world falls with it. Why?
America is the corner stone of the world.
As Sofia Loren said in one of her classic films, "Everybody wants to go to Amerika."
I loved it in her characteristic Italian accent.

Please, darling Pia, spare President George W.Bush. Because, he is only the mask of the masquerade. And the forces manipulating him are to blame.

Impeaching Bush will not help America.

I suspect that his hands are tied by the power brokers who sponsored him to win the Presidential Elections.

Posted by: Orikinla Osinachi | Sep 13, 2005 11:25:18 AM

I'm sure that most people get by now that we are run by coorporations and power brokers. Symbolically speaking it is then a good idea to call to impeach and at least let it be noted to the world and for the sake of history that the people were, at this time in history , finally wising up and were trying to take back their government.

I knew you were Jewish spy Pia, I 'm glad it is finally out in the open as I was having a hard time keeping it to myself.

Posted by: cooper | Sep 13, 2005 11:51:34 AM

Hi Pia,

Thanks for the explanation. But it would have been perfectly okay if you had entered Anti-Semitism first if that was more strongly on your mind--people ought to know all of these are equally as wrong anyway.

It was just something about the call to impeach Bush that disturbed me. And I was too tired to figure out what exactly was causing my disturbance at the time, so I made an uncalled for attack on PC correctness instead…

My ‘real’ concern is that I don’t like Bush’s leadership either. And I tend to think the problem crosses partisan lines, and Orikinla Osinachi stated it very well by indicating Bush’s impeachment would not help America and that the power broker’s infiltration in government is the true problem. And a Democratic government would be equally as influenced because they would still have to operate within or current bad banking system and bad money. Follow the money, and that’s where our problems lay.

Posted by: Vince | Sep 13, 2005 12:13:02 PM

Cooper thanks for the brilliant comment. Knew you were having a hard time keeping the spy thing to yourself

Vince when I leave comments in peoples's blogs, I don't test them. Personally I feel the anti-Semititic remarks weren't relevant and unimportant to any discussion of Katrina; as is abortion.

I was pointing out the stupidity that allows beliefs like the above to blossom; and the Radical Christian Right has many backers with deep pockets

Nobody disputes that following the money is a big part of the problem, and in Bush's case a particularly big part. An impeachment hearing just might follow that track.

Is karl Rove being investigated? In my dreams. But Roberts's confirmation hearing is being rushed through. Smell a lot of money in just those two examples.

Katrina happened. Bush and his administration mismanaged it; taking full responsiblity as he just did, doesn't change the fact that he didn't take responsiblity while it was happening. And he has a lot more to answer for.

Sometimes there are simple answers in life; impeaching Bush would go far in helping many Americans feel pride in our country.

Then we can go onto the bigger questions--or they might be begun to be answered during the hearings

Posted by: pia | Sep 13, 2005 12:34:37 PM

Linking extremest that believe that god steered Katrina over NO to support their crooked and wicked godless thoughts... to your driven quest to impeach Bush is pretty out there.

You do know that impeachment is a long procedure that often ends in nothing really happening? It would be pressure to make him resign, but in the end, his 2nd term could end before they even get full into the impeachment hearings.

Posted by: James | Sep 13, 2005 12:45:29 PM

Part of the problem is that the Bush family and the Cheneys are dynastically tied to all of that money and this sort of thing was never meant to happen its every thing the framers despised and tried to avoid (with the exception prissyboy Hamilton).

We need an inpeachment like we have never needed it before. If not for any thing else than this administration has a high rate of failure on the economy, on the use of intelligence, and on the management of Katrina, not to mention all the bad anti-science policies that they have embraced to apeese the right wing for its vote. These guys have a reverse Midas touch, (i.e. everything that they get their hands on turns to shit instead of gold, instantly)

But the problem is even if Bush and Cheney get impeached the lines of succesion dictate that the speaker of the house (who is currently R. Dennis Hassert I believe) would become President.

We are no where if there is an impeachment and that happens. However if Democrats can retake the house in 06 and sufficently prove that the country was directly decieved by the Administration when making the case for war in Iraq through the office of Cheney with Bolton's help to manipulate Powell (Which I believe your going to see in Oct. when the Rove/Plame case wraps) Then we can actually elevate a Democrat into succesion.

This is also the the reason that the GOP is foolish not to Impeach the administration themselves and get their new boy in while they still can.

Oh and one last thing Pia the sci-fi they thought up took no imagination at all. Its a second nature/no brainer to people who a)want all the black people dead and b)want to blame the jews for anything rather than take responsibility for their own short comings.

But the thing that gets me is that any time some talks about a weather ray the first thing people tend to think of, is using it to kill each other by destroying the enviornment rather than creatively solving everyones problems by enhancing the enviornment. And that last one takes a lot more brain power than people like that have.

Posted by: Billion Year Old Carbon | Sep 13, 2005 12:56:24 PM

I don't understand why Jews are punishing gays. Aren't they on the same team? I'm so confused.

Posted by: doug | Sep 13, 2005 1:11:43 PM

You know this was a great piece to read, but what a sick, fucked up world we live in when people with rocks for brains actually can get themselves in the New York Times (well aside from David Brooks), yet places like Dafur are sadly under reported.

You know, if the Jews really did have this weather blasto ray thingie, would we be having a problem in the Middle East these days? Whay would they mess with NO, when they could go kick Iran's ass?

Posted by: The Cranky Liberal | Sep 13, 2005 2:11:16 PM

"Condi Rice is a 70 year old White male in a Black woman's body ."... So I guess Janet Reno was just a man? Amazing how if an african american does not tow the party line they are called traitors or worse...like house slave, to quote the great american Harry Belafonte. A poor girl from Alabama grows up and makes something of her self...shame she is not looked upon as a role model. Oh well...there is always Lil Kim. Now there is a role model!

Posted by: Pompous Windbag | Sep 13, 2005 5:05:33 PM

You know I wasn't going to answer comments tonight but I found your comment coming from a self described pompous windbag to be extremely funny and sad

Condi Rice chose to see a Broadway play that Wednesday night; was she afraid that if she didn't see the play her house seat wouldn't be avaliable to her again? Or god forbid, she actually paid and would lose the hundred bucks.

Sorry but a feeling woman (or man) who is in a position of power should have been exercising that power, and attempting to do something, anything

I don't care what her background is; she personified "let them eat cake" to me; okay I was wrong she's Marie Antoinette.

The president and his cabinet should have been hard at work. they weren't. They failed the American people; and I am especially talking about poor Black people. I believe that another poor Black girl from the south who grew up to be Oprah Winfrey would agree with me. Or is she too radical for you?

And what is the party line?

Vince, several people have emailed me to tell me how anti-Semitic they found your comments to be. I didn't. I put the first one down to your not actually reading the article linked to this. I assumed that you put the second comment in to show me how clever you are (not) and to see if I put Jews above the rest of Americans.

Cranky's right. This was an exceptionally stupid article. I felt compelled to point it out.

And damn it, I shouldn't have because now everybody knows that Jews can control the weather, and that we like to have Blacks and Gays along so that we can have a really great party afterward

Posted by: pia | Sep 13, 2005 5:44:50 PM

What utter shit! the weather as a WMD?? christ! lol.

I think pre-Katrina some Americans seemed to hold some sort of belief that that they were untouchable, almost invincible. That 'things like that' happened to other people. One positive thing to come out of Katrina will hopefully be a new found respect for nature. There is a hell of a lot of evidence that clearly shows that as global warming increases so too do the intensity of storms, hurricanes etc etc.

America has an appalling track-record when it comes to environmental conscientiousness and treaty-signing (as does China) and, under Bush, takes no responsibility for the damage done or makes any promises to reduce it.

Sorry, rambling


Posted by: Boudica Of Suburbia | Sep 13, 2005 9:40:00 PM

I agree. I'm a rightie and I'm just as upset about how the right of the right have used this to say those stupid things you posted. Can't we all just get along?

Posted by: patd95 | Sep 13, 2005 9:43:53 PM

Great post, Pia.

Two groups are happy over the Katrina devastation: Christian Right extremists and Islamic terrorist organizations.

They seem to have a lot in common. Is there even a difference between these two groups?

Posted by: Tom Harper | Sep 13, 2005 10:51:43 PM

As far as the Condi comment goes, does that mean that there are old men who also love shoes? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Posted by: JC | Sep 13, 2005 11:28:35 PM

Hi Pia,

I am not anti-Semitic, I’m glad you didn’t think so, and I could see how my comment could be interpreted as such. I am not religious, but I like both Jewish and Christian religion.

My first comment was terrible--sorry. I did understand your point that our leadership should not passively endorse ‘the spread of anti-Semitism, racism, gay bashing, and anti-abortion’, but I myself am not significantly affected by these, so I tend to dismiss this kind of talk as nonsense and don’t take it seriously. But thinking about it now, I could see why people who are affected by these would take it seriously.

And since I felt there was an implication that right-wing thinking is inherently bad, I tried to illustrate that left-wing thinking is not perfect either by trying to illustrate how some people might accuse you of discrimination by placing ‘anti-Semitic’ first (I assumed this was obviously a ridiculous accusation); to illustrate how ridiculous things can get under an overly PC regimen. But as testament to my ‘complete failure of a comment’, you took this as a serious accusation.

My second comment was a genuine attempt to make amends for my failed first comment. But I failed again because you took it as a clever test (understandably to me now.)

So I don’t know if this comment will fail too, but I would like to at least express my genuine apologies to you and your blog friends for coming across as anti-Semitic. I did not intend to. And just now as I write this, I realize how important this subject is to my children’s future and all or our futures. I am a minority who has had a life time of discrimination and name calling (but not blatant racism) and has become desensitized to it, thus rendering Political Correctness useless in my mind. I envisioned a world where talk does not necessarily lead to action. I envisioned a world where you can say anything to someone and they will not be offended. But I see now this vision of mine cannot happen by becoming desensitized and apathetic, and hoping in time things will change. This vision of mine can only happen with active, constructive, step-by-step changes that include Political Correctness and some measure of Gun Control. Thanks for the motivation--and this coming from a Pro-Gun Conservative…

Posted by: Vince | Sep 14, 2005 12:33:57 AM


Don't expect to be taken seriously, your blog is funnier than all hell...

My God, I haven't laughed that hard reading that.

You readers should go see it, if we could only be half as funny...

Posted by: steve | Sep 14, 2005 12:50:34 AM

The Americans on the christian right have such an issue with abortion? The individual that is having the abortion, how does that decision affect those who are on the christian right?

What if a pro-life women was raped by a jew or black person since some in the christian hate these ethnic groups, will christian women carry the child? or will she abort? What if the pregency also caused some complications where the mother is going to die? Sometimes I hope a famous female on the christian right "leader of the movement" experinces rape, and she ends up getting pregent. I would like to see how she handles the situation in front of all of her supporters. Sometimes people need to experience such things in order for them to understand a different point of view.

Posted by: Aeneas | Sep 14, 2005 1:26:33 AM

Vincent thank you. have to be honest; when I read the thread I first encountered fifteen minutes who tracked me back, not once, but twice, for a spelling mistake. When in my post I explained what it's like to put out a blog seven days a week, I work, all the time it feels, and I write for Bring it on!

Errors happen, but it was unforgiveable from me, because I'm hysterical or something; and Fifteen minute, self described 20something superhero is allowed to falliable. Glad he cuts himself slack because his blog is totally boring, very nasty, and lacks compassion. But he has Jesus and very bad wit on his side.

Then there was Steve and is Steve who is better left ignored. He comes to Bring it on! to make totally meaningless remarks he thinks means something

So Vincent by the time I got to your comment, I did intererpt literally, I understand aiming for Larry David or Steven Wright satire, but I think you have to be them.

I live in New York and my friends are from many ethnic, racial and religious groups, and I'm not used to people disliking each other for any of those reasons or even for having differing poliitcal views. I assume Bloomberg will be relected mayor. He's a Republican and we were a very blue city in the last presidential election

Other people do experience anti-Semitism; it's a very growing problem. As I don't believe in God I'm not religious but I identify very strongly with the culture.

I'm a little lost by the world where you envision being able to say anything to anybody.

When I was in grad school during the height of pc'ness, we would spend class screaming at each other and then go out to lunch together. Had a teacher from New Mexico who couldn't understand, and spent the year in shock--he was fired.

if that's what you mean you have to know the person. It's easier face-to-face but it can be done over the internet if you begin by asking questions about what you don't understand, then you can scream. It's a safety valve here because we all live in such close quaters.

I wrote this post to provoke because I want people to see the dangers of the radical Christian Right.

The examples were over the top, but the New York Times, printed them for the same reason I highlighted them; they're growing quicker than we want to believe.

I wonder the same thing as patd95, why can't we all get along? that might be a very good starting point.

The difference between me and uh Steve say or Fifteen minutes is that I save my anger for politicans and destructive groups.

Like Tom said there is very little difference between the radical right and the terrorists. And yeah, Steve, the Aryan Nation and simiiar groups are neo-Nazis.

Thank you Vince I feel humbled if I'm motivating you. Because I and most "liberals" believe in tolerance.

I want your children and everybody's children to grow up in a country where they feel that they can accomplish anything if they work hard

And Fifteenminutes, a spelling mistake is so minimal compared to the travesty that's your blog.

Sorry vince here I am talking tolerance, but the personal attack thing is part of it. it's stupid. None of us go from blog to blog making fun of people's mistakes or attacking their character, yet they feel free to do it to us.

And I will continue to point things like that out as long as it could help one person. So thank you very much Vince

Posted by: pia | Sep 14, 2005 1:32:02 AM

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